When Method Man came to Colorado to perform with Wu-Tang Clan at Red Rocks Amphitheatre last August, the rapper and actor debuted an original line of cannabis flower that had fans lighting up with excitement. Method Man returned this week for two concerts, including a performance Wednesday at the stoner-focused 420 on the Rocks, bringing another smokeable announcement with him.

Method Man is collaborating with two local companies to release TICAL edibles and several concentrates in the coming months. That includes three kinds of gummies with Dialed In, recently named the top cannabis brand to watch in Colorado by analytics firm BDSA, and three concentrate products with Soiku Bano, the best rosin manufacturer in Denver, according to Westword.

Both companies are working with Vera Cultivation, Method Man’s grow partner, to create the new products.

Additionally, Method Man will visit two Denver dispensaries on 420 to celebrate the holiday. He’s expected to be at the LivWell Enlightened Health at 432 S. Broadway around 4:30 p.m. and LivWell Enlightened Health at 2863 Larimer St. at 5:30 p.m. At both places, you can find TICAL flower for sale.

“Colorado has been critically important to the recent history of cannabis culture in America. Its smart, practical and progressive policies have allowed people like myself to partner and thrive with industry-leading pioneers like Vera Cultivation and to roll out new products with established local players,” Method Man said in a statement. “Colorado is dope.”

While many details of the new collabs are still TBD, here’s what we know.

TICAL gummies

Dialed In is making three flavors of gummies leveraging three strains of TICAL flower. Like all of Dialed In’s products, they utilize full-spectrum, live rosin extract. (New to those words? Get the definitions here.)

Flavors include grape punch and watermelon breeze gummies using Free M.A.C. marijuana; blood orange and bottle rocket berry gummies using Sherbet Cake cannabis; and dragon fruit and sour raz gummies using the rapper’s Headbanger Boogie strain.

The TICAL gummies are slated for a May 3 release at Medicine Man stores in Denver, Longmont, Aurora and Thornton.

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TICAL concentrates

Soiku Bano is currently developing three products, according to Method Man’s camp: a live rosin cartridge, a live rosin concentrate, and a sauce. Details are limited, but they are expected to be released on July 10, another stoner holiday that celebrates marijuana oil. (Wonder why? If you flip the date 7/10 upside down it resembles the word “oil.”)

TICAL is an acronym for “taking into consideration all lives,” and is also the title of Method Man’s 1994 solo album. It’s more than just the name of his marijuana brand; the saying also embodies its mission to “raise awareness of the historic racial and ethnic disparities and inequities in the criminal justice and business aspects of the cannabis space,” the rapper has previously said.

For more information about Method Man’s products and where you can find them, follow TICAL on Instagram.

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