Broomfield Democrat Matt Gray, who was arrested last week on suspicion of driving under the influence, will not seek reelection in Colorado’s 33rd House District, according to an email from the Colorado Democratic Party obtained by The Denver Post.

Gray, a state representative in his third term, had been the only Democrat on the primary ballot for the 33rd District. He was seeking a fourth and final term. As the district leans heavily Democratic, the person who comes out of that primary is highly likely to win the seat.

The 41-year-old was arrested Thursday after going to pick up his children from a Broomfield school, where employees reported he appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of liquor. Police said Gray refused a breath test of his blood alcohol level and declined to perform a field sobriety test.

The state Democratic Party wrote in an email to Broomfield Democrats that Gray “withdrew his candidacy” for reelection on Tuesday.

As Gray was without a Democratic primary challenger, the party can now, in accordance with state law, fill his slot via a vacancy committee. This committee will comprise a small subset of registered Broomfield Democrats, and it will vote May 1 on Gray’s replacement.

Gray is not expected to resign his seat before his term is out. He has participated remotely in House of Representatives proceedings this week, and briefly came into the Capitol on Monday.

He has declined interview requests since his arrest, and could not be reached Tuesday.

This is a developing story and it will be updated.

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