That’s a brutal schedule for what should’ve been an easy last-place slate for the Broncos. It’s bad luck that the NFC division in the rotation this year is the West, by far the best in that conference. Russell Wilson is gonna have to return to form for Denver to make the playoffs.

— Scott, head > heart

Kiz: Reading the menu of Broncos games makes me salivate with sweet anticipation. There figure to be so many showdowns against guys we love to hate. Drew Lock in Seattle. Josh McDaniels with the Raiders. Mahomes and the Chiefs. Let me ask: Which of those guys would you enjoy beating most? (Make mine Mahomes.) And which one would give Broncos Country the most pain in defeat? (If Lock beats Wilson in the season-opener, all places of work in Colorado might be forced to shut down for a day of mourning.)

I’d love to go to Kansas City to see the Broncos play on New Year’s Day. It’s probably a loss, but would be amazing to see Wilson beat Mahomes on his home turf. BTW: Denver will make the playoffs.

— Heyooo, born ready

Kiz: Know what would be sweet? Opening your Denver Post on Jan. 1 and seeing the Broncos ahead of K.C. in the AFC West standings.

Yes, there’s a chance St. Louis upsets the Avs. Jared Bednar’s inability to coach them out of the second round and a guy by the name of Ryan O’Reilly don’t make me feel great about getting out of second round. Again.

— K.M., classic rocker

Kiz: Matt Duchene went down without a real fight against the Avs in the opening round. O’Reilly will scratch, claw and fight for every inch of ice this round. Can you guess which player I loved more when he wore a Colorado sweater?

Stop covering hockey, Kiz. You’re a hack. You clearly have not watched the Avs all season for calling the Predators peaky blinders. The stick to the eye of goalie Darcy Kuemper was an accident. Don’t pretend to know what you’re talking about. Stick to football.

— Justin, hockey bouncer

Kiz: Since 1996, there aren’t five journalists in Colorado who have covered more Avalanche playoff games in person than yours truly. And every year,  angry fans tell me I know nothing about hockey. It makes me smile.

I have decided the Rockies need to see a hypnotist so they think they are playing all of their games at home. Maybe a psychiatrist, as well. Good idea?

— Betty, fan since1993

Kiz: What the Rockies need to do is secede from the N.L. West and find a place where they hit.  Maybe their offense would play better on the road against the El Paso Chihuahuas and Sugar Land Space Cowboys of the Pacific Coast League.

And today’s parting shot is a salute to the Rockies getting a head start on their summer chores by beginning the annual June swoon a month ahead of schedule.

Bud Black is Mr. .480 Winning Percentage more than 2,000 games into his managerial tenure. Set it and forget it. The Rockies are a beer and hot dog team to go hang out with for five innings on a summer night.

— Chad, Denver

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