I will love quarterback Russell Wilson less if he wants a $50 million salary from the Broncos. He said he wanted to come to Denver and win Super Bowls. Who has the most rings? Tom Brady. Why? He has always taken less money to make the team better. Take notes, Wilson. 

C.J., thinks like a winner

Kiz: What’s love to do with it? Money is another way athletes keep score. Wilson has not stopped grinning since the Broncos went all-in to trade for him. And why shouldn’t Wilson be happy in the knowledge Denver has little choice but to pay him top dollar when it’s time to extend his current deal? Whether we’re talking about this franchise’s playbook or the next owner’s checkbook, Wilson can dictate his terms. What will determine how many championships he wins will be general manager George Paton’s ability to draft and develop young, inexpensive talent to surround him.

Russell Wilson would be worth every penny of $50 million per year. The Broncos have not had a franchise quarterback since Peyton Manning retired. Fans who spend their hard-earned money deserve to see playoff football, and Wilson is the answer.

Aaron, Denver

Kiz: Nobody will care how much money Wilson makes, so long as he proves to be as good as Patrick Mahomes or any quarterback in the league on any given Sunday.

I hate how Nuggets governor Josh Kroenke acts like such a victim.

Graham, rock ‘n roller

Kiz: Josh is assigned to draw a smiley face on the hammer wielded by Stan, his father. It can be a thankless job, so I do have empathy. On the other hand, I know a whole lot of working stiffs who would gladly consider trading places with Josh, whose parents are both billionaires.

Three seasons and negotiations between Altitude and Comcast are still stalled? Come on now. What is the point of the Kroenke family having a network if: A) the majority of fans can’t watch it,  and B) it is bleeding through money?

Laurie, someone’s No. 1 fan

Kiz: A regional sports network that could telecast Nuggets and Avalanche games from the first crisp nights of fall through the earliest signs of spring, then offer the Rockies all summer long would be the stuff of dreams for Colorado fans. But the chances of that ever becoming a reality? About the same as Dick and Charlie Monfort selling their cash cow at Coors Field: Not. Gonna. Happen.

Kiz, weren’t you adamant about cutting ties with Avalanche center Nazem Kadri a year ago? The Avs wouldn’t be in the current position without him. What do you think now? I am one who is glad the Avs kept Kadri.

Phil, hockey nut

Kiz: Kadri proved me wrong. Big time. But know why it makes me smile? Change is not easy for anybody. Kadri has triumphantly shown how any of us can grow, both personally and professionally.

And today’s parting shot believes everybody from paying customers to media members should embrace our Avs, love ’em or leave ’em.

When you describe the Avalanche as “your” team, Kiz, it is telling, being that you are a Denver sportswriter.

Sal, Bonney Lake, Wash.

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