One of Denver’s most popular neighborhoods, Cheesman Park, used to be a cemetery. The Cheesman Park neighborhood is small (just seven blocks by 11 blocks), including its namesake park and the Denver Botanic Gardens, both of which started as cemeteries.

Now, they provide an urban oasis near Denver’s center that makes the neighborhood one of its most popular spots.

The walkable neighborhood was first home to Colorado’s gold barons, who filled the area with stately mansions, says Leslie Resnick, 8z real estate agent.

“They are very cool properties. Some include features like bowling alleys in the basements,” she says.

What’s available?

Apartments and condos ring the neighborhood’s 80-acre namesake park. In addition to stately mansions, homebuyers also can find renovated Victorian homes and classic Denver Squares.

Prices range from $300,000 for a condo to $1.2 million for a renovated Victorian.

Resnick says properties sell quickly like the rest of the Denver metro. And because there’s little turnover, potential buyers need to act quickly when properties become available.

Who’s moving in?

The neighborhood draws a mix of residents, Resnick says.

It appeals to empty nesters ready to downsize, parents who want their children to attend East High School, and young couples with double incomes and no kids.

Families with young children are more likely to buy homes in neighboring Little Cheesman.

Explore the neighborhood

Cheesman Park is 80 acres planted with nearly 2,000 trees. In the late 1800s, Prospect Hill Cemetery opened on the land that’s now Cheesman Park, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and Congress Park. Although most bodies were moved, about 3,000 bodies remain buried in Cheesman Park.

If you want to learn more about the park’s history, you can take a walking ghost tour.

The walkable neighborhood features a variety of shopping, including Whole Foods, and dining options, including the restaurants at the Botanic Gardens.

Shells and Sauce

Located at 2600 E. 12th Ave., Shells and Sauce serves Italian food, including homemade lasagna, delicious desserts, and an extensive wine list. You can sit inside and watch the open kitchen or dine on the rooftop patio.

Peter’s Chinese Cafe

Located at 2609 E. 12th Ave., Peter’s Chinese Cafe has served Chinese food since 1985.

Chef Zorba’s

Located at 2626 E. 12th Ave., Chef Zorba’s has served Greek and American food since 1979.

“It’s a great neighborhood,” Resnick says. “You’ve got everything you need right here.”

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